All Day Two Day Festival
APRIL 21-22


Earth Day Dallas features two days of engaging exhibits, compelling speakers, music, entertainment, food and fun for everyone. Join us April 21-22, 2012 in Fair Park to see how you can make a difference.
Mission:  Learn. Grow.

Celebrate Earth Day at this fun festival with exhibits, speakers, films, music, food & more focused on making a positive impact on our environment.

The heart of the festival is the Eco Expo, and exhibitors will use their presence to promote their achievements as green leaders, and teach attendees how to take environmentally responsible action by better utilizing available resources, switching to eco-friendly products, or joining their organizations.

In addition to the Eco Expo, attendees will have a number of educational entertainment options, which will include:

This program teaches you how to become more water-efficient in your “urban orchard,” what plants and varieties work best in our area, the basics of pest control, proper pruning methods and other practical ways to increase production. Branch out and join us for a fruitful program! Fort Worth staff will be attending the live online seminars in case you have questions pertaining specifically to Fort Worth outdoor irrigation restrictions and programs.

Free. Register on the link below.

School/office supplies
EPS (Styrofoam)

Place in small bag or container:
Razors (blades, disposable, all brands, and their containers)
Tom's of Maine products
Burt's Bees products

Join STAR North Texas for the biennial Legislative Update Luncheon. Hear from STAR’s Executive Director Jordan Fengel and Rich Abramowitz, director of Communications and Govt. Relations for Duracell, on recycling-related bills passed during the 86th Texas Legislature. This event will give participants a thorough understanding of state legislation relating to materials management and will explore solutions to advance waste diversion in Texas.

Topics include:

Recap of the 86th Legislative Session

STAR’s bills SB 649 and HB 286

Trends and what’s to come

First Saturday Styrofoam Recycling Drop Off
Open to All Regardless of Residency

Please bring your clean #6 Styrofoam to be recycled!
Common items accepted are:
-egg cartons
-meat trays
- fast food clam shell containers
-packing materials

We CANNOT accept packing peanuts and certain other packing materials.

*Computer and Electronic Recycling,

* Paper Shredding 

* Passenger/Personal Truck Tires (without rims)

* Household Hazardous Recyclables- paints, thinners, engine fluids, cooking grease/oils - NO Batteries, Farm chemicals / fertilizers

Cockrell Hill residents - Must provide current water bill or drivers license

There is no limit to the documents you can bring for shredding. The only limit is time or the truck getting full. So we would recommend come fast if you have a lot of documents to shred.
Everyone is welcome to participate. Shred old/unnecessary personal items.

The shredding event takes place at the same location and the timing overlaps with the city of Plano's electronic recycling event (9-11 a.m.) which is also open to the community. You don't have to be a Plano resident to participate.

Open to all regardless of residency. Please bring your clean #6 Styrofoam to be recycled! 

Common items accepted are:

-egg cartons
-meat trays
- fast food clam shell containers
-packing materials

We CANNOT accept packing peanuts and certain other packing materials.

Every day in the United States each person throws away almost five pounds of garbage. Where does it all go? Find out about municipal waste programs, the local landfill, the work that goes into disposing our waste and why it is important to reduce, reuse and recycle.


If you're passionate about composting and enjoy sharing your knowledge with others, then become a State of Texas Master Composter. Learn how to improve your soil's health by diverting valuable garden resources from the landfill back into your landscape. The 16-hour, 4-class series is a unique opportunity to gain a more in-depth understanding of the composting process and insights on sharing this knowledge with others. Residents enrolling in Master Composter training are asked to complete 20 hours of community service to advance local composting efforts. Free.

Class Dates: