Oak Cliff Earth Day 2011
Sunday April 17, 2011
Noon to Five (12 - 5)
Lake Cliff Park
The registration forms are being put on the web site, so stay tuned.
The cost of the event remains the same: free for non profits; 25.00 for
businesses or for profit groups; 30.00 for food vendors.
If you have attended OCED in the past you should be pre approved, all new
vendors must complete a simple pre approval form before you can register.
Roger Bolen, Co Chair
Oak CLiff Earth Day, 2011 <> 

"We Are Food". This is an informative documentary about the food supply. It includes information about the Genetically Modified food industry, and farmers who try to resist its use.

Plano community gardeners will share their first-hand experience with soil, water and insects while producing lush organic vegetables.

A-Z of Hatching & Brooding - What you need to know in caring for your chickens.
Dan Probst, Bageneice Farms, will cover egg selection, storage, washing, incubation, egg candling process--the how-to's and whys, egg pipping and hatching, shell ectomy, what to do on the first day and the first two weeks.
Saturday, February 19th at 10 AM at North Haven Gardens -
 Also, check out the Backyard Chickens 'Learn at Lunch' session that will be on Friday, 2/18 at Noon.

Keeping Backyard Chickens by Leslie Finical Halleck. Eggs, compost and entertainment are just a few of the reasons you should keep your own backyard flock.Come get some simple how-to’s to starting your own!
Friday, February 18th, Noon to 1pm
North Haven Gardens
And then come back on Saturday, February 19th, for the 'A-Z of Hatching & Brooding' session!

At this meetup, we'll discuss earth friendly recipes and ways to creatively use overlooked food items. From cooking with acorns and wild greens to baking bread with avocado cores and wild seeds.

Note - I've changed to location to the mid-cities to try and make the location convenient to more people. If you have any locations that you'd recommend in other corners of the Metroplex, please let me know.

This is scheduled at Chipotle, so please feel free to come a little bit early and get a bite to eat or pick up a pint while we're there. Since we'll be taking up some space, it's only fair to give back a bit to the restaurant.

Slow Money DFWWednesday, November 17, 7 p.m.Texas Discovery Gardens (map & directions <> )Join Us for an open exchange about investing in a sustainable food system, as we discuss the Slow Money movement — what it is and who does it speak to?The function of Slow Money Texas — why is it being formed and what's its role?