The last couple of years have seen the Dallas environmental scene blossom and mature. Now many of us want to take the next step by forming a city-wide “Dallas green alliance.” We plan on creating a 501(c)3 arm and a 501(c)4 or even a PAC that will have the political power to build it, election by election.

Regular gathering with representatives from local environmental groups. Topics to be discussed at  meeting:

• Trinity Toll road and upcoming deadline for comments

• "Earth, Wind, and Fire Energy Summit" - new details on speakers and more re: this fall Energy conference

• Keystone pipeline - report on the the DC "Reject and Protect" event, updates on Julia Trigg Crawford and more

• Boy Scout Hill at White Rock - what's new with this develop putting a restaurant at the park?

• Fracking, earthquakes and disposal wells - what was discussed at the hearing in Austin -- the SMU study and where it is today

RSVP if you are coming so organizer can gauge handouts. The public and all environmental groups are welcome to attend and talk about what they are working on.

Info: Rita Beving, Dallas Sierra Club, 214-557-2271 or [email protected].

Sharon Wilson, Earthworks' Oil & Gas Accountability project leader for the Texas and Gulf Region, will speak about “Toxic Degradation of the Environment.”

Chris Murphy has a full service auto shop, but specializes in restoring and rebuilding Prius and Honda Hybrid battery packs. He also has a 2013 Nissan Leaf purchased from Hurricane Sandy that he is trying to restore or salvage for future use. We will get a demo on hybrid packs as well as some time with the salvage Leaf.

All monthly meetings are free to attend and open to the public.

Festival to encourage bicycling as an alternative mode of transportation for all ages. Event features a group ride, Kid's Bicycle Safety Rodeo, vendors that specialize in bicycling information and equipment,  bike checks and cycling groups. Free.

Learn the basics of energy efficiency pertaining to vehicles and how to apply these principles to achieve practical mileage improvements. Applicable to cars, trucks and even electric vehicles.
Presenter Phil Knox, vehicle mileage economy expert, has been modifying vehicles and his driving habits to increase fuel mileage for more than 30 years. He is a nationally recognized presenter and educator on the topic of improved vehicle efficiency.



The cities where we live are heating up, but the places where we live need to be cool. Managing urban heat in an increasingly hot and dry climate is necessary to protect public health, infrastructure, the economy and quality of life. Trees and green infrastructure are a priority for urban heat management.  


Dr. Brian Stone, Jr.

Associate Professor in the School of City and Regional Planning at the Georgia Institute of Technology and author of The City and the Coming Climate: Climate Change in the Places We Live.

 David Hitchcock, Houston Area Research Center: Dallas Urban Heat Island Study

Dr. Robert Haley, UT Southwestern Medical Center: Adverse Health Effects of Climate Change in North Texas

Matt Grubisich, Urban Forester, Texas Trees Foundation: Green Infrastructure Strategies for the Built Environment - Trees

$40. Register on website or call 214-953-1184.

Despite three state air plans over 15 years, DFW has yet to meet the 1997 federal smog standard.

Now, even as we’re still trying to meet an almost 20- year smog standard, a new, stricter standard is being enforced. The deadline for meeting it is 2018. The new plan for how to meet it must be turned into EPA by 2015. That plan is being written now. And you can help make it much better. 

Please come to the next ciitzens’ meeting to ask questions and learn more. 

Air quality watchdog Downwinders at Risk is urging residents to attend this meeting on DFW air quality. It's an opportunity to grill TCEQ employees about the state's plan. 

Info: Jim Schermbeck at [email protected].

State Representative Lon Burnam and Downwinders at Risk are hosting a brainstorming session regarding the region's newest anti-smog plan.

A recently publicized UNT graduate student study shows why this anti-smog plan is the largest regional fracking fight that no one is fighting right now. It's also the best chance to get more action on coal plants and cement kilns, public transit, energy efficiency, renewables, etc. For the next year and a half we have a chance to wage a truly regional clean air fight that could benefit a lot of different causes and campaigns and unify our energy. But we need your help to pull it off.

Join Rep. Burnam, members of Downwinders, the Sierra Club and other local air quality activists as we do some short-term and long-term planning to make sure we get as much out of this anti-smog effort as we can.

If you can't attend on the 6th, come to NCTCOG's Air Quality meeting April 17 at 10 a.m.

Info: Jim Schermbeck at [email protected].