Apr 25 2020

ACTION ALERT! Texas Sierra Club: Oppose the Pipeline through Hill Country - Sign the Petition

Apr 9 2020 - 7:00am to May 9 2020 - 5:00pm

Sign the Sierra Club petition to the Texas Rail Road Commission opposing Permian Highway pipeline through the Hill Country.

Read more about effects of drilling in the Permian Basin.

EarthX - Virtual Festival (April 17-April 26)

Apr 17 2020 - 9:00am to Apr 26 2020 - 6:00pm

After cancellation of the physical festival, the EarthX team is offering several programs online:

April 17 - EarthxFilm Kick Off Virtual Film Festival 

April 22 - Celebration of Earth Day’s 50th Anniversary

April 23-26 - Conferences, Summits, Youth Activities



Event Website:

EarthxFilm: Virtual Festival - Online (April 17-26)

Apr 17 2020 - 5:00pm to Apr 26 2020 - 9:00pm

EarthxFilm has unveiled its lineup of virtual programming celebrating the 50th Anniversary of Earth Day, including 36 features and shorts; virtual options for XR experiences; various filmmaker, youth leader live-streams, Q&A’s, panels, live music and EarthxFilmYouth programming.

EarthxFilm 2020 Virtual Presentation Film Lineup




Director: Christopher Smith

Country: Cambodia/Malaysia/USA, Running Time: 90 min

Overfishing of the ocean’s waters is happening all over the world, having a horrendous impact not only on marine ecosystems but also on the local fishermen who depend on these habitats for their livelihood. That is undoubtedly the case in Cambodia, where illegal fishing is devastating this once robust seascape. CURRENT SEA explores the situation in a tense and riveting way by following a couple of deeply committed expats who are determined to end this scourge and bring justice to the perpetrators, but of course, put themselves into great peril along the way.



Director: Brett Fallentine

Country: USA, Running Time: 79 min

South Central Los Angeles is known for a lot of things, but being home to an urban cowboy culture is not top of the list. FIRE ON THE HILL: THE COWBOYS OF SOUTH CENTRAL L.A. tells the story of this little-known community, and how a mysterious fire in 2012 nearly wrecked it all, but ultimately, this film celebrates how resilience is the key to navigating life. They may have different paths, but being on a horse keeps these three cowboys moving forward against all the odds.



Directors: Vanessa Serrao, Sarah Joseph

Country: USA, Running Time: 60 min

The famed biologist E.O. Wilson has worked to start a campaign called Half Earth, which posits that we need to put aside fifty percent of the planet’s surface and dedicate it to animal species. It is a big, bold idea, and the National Geographic Society is making its own ambitious efforts on this with its own Campaign for Nature, which aims to protect thirty percent of the planet by 2030. LAST WILD PLACES is a film that looks at different areas around the world where this effort is already underway, and it has to be given how quickly 2030 is coming up.



Director: Alexander John Glustrom

Country: USA, Running Time: 75 min

MOSSVILLE: WHEN GREAT TREES FALL is haunting, disturbing and essential viewing. It tells the story of Mossville, a small town in Louisiana where a giant chemical plant has landed, displacing its long-time African-American residents. One of them says in a home video: "I am human just like you. I breathe. I think. Just like you." She died from cancer not long after, and her son Stacey says, "That is why we fight." In the long-time, uphill battle for environmental justice, "disposable people," as another character says, are left behind. It is tragic and heartbreaking, but there are people - and you meet them in this forcible documentary - who are not going to go without a fight, which is deeply inspiring. "I want them to know that we existed."



Director: David Byars

Country: USA, Running Time: 96 min

Our public lands are a complicated mix of good intentions and shady deals, which this documentary does its damndest to explain. What we learn is that very little is straightforward in this murky world as various entities, including politicians, ranchers, extractionists, and outdoor enthusiasts, all jockey for some part of what rightly belongs to every American. Narrated by Robert Redford and executive produced by Yvon Chouinard with Patagonia, PUBLIC TRUST weaves together an assortment of stories, connected by the indefatigable journalist, Hal Herring. Working tirelessly to shine a light on the chicanery involved with public lands, Herring also shows us why they matter - or should matter so much to each of us.



Director: Jared P. Scott

Country: USA, Running Time: 91 min

This documentary pulses with energy and purpose as it follows the Malian singer, Inna Modja, on her ambitious and inspiring journey across Africa. Her mission is to help build a green wall of trees that will start to offset the desertification happening in the Sahel region that is particularly feeling the effects of climate change. It is not an easy journey. There are multiple challenges from skeptics and other oppositions, but Modja is formidable and will not be defeated. Ultimately, this will be an 8000-kilometer edifice, the largest natural structure in the world, three times the size of the Great Barrier Reef. It is well on its way, so far, having built fifteen percent, proving determination can conquer the seemingly impossible.



Director: Deia Schlosberg

Country: USA, Running Time: 89 min

In the 1967 film, THE GRADUATE, Dustin Hoffman’s character, Benjamin Braddock, a recent college graduate, is told by a family friend, that the future is plastics. How right he was. And how unfortunate that he was so right because single-use plastics have such a pernicious effect on our lives, it is often hard to comprehend. THE STORY OF PLASTIC works to help us understand the scope and scale of this global scourge. Produced with the same folks who made the widely-seen STORY OF STUFF, this documentary takes us around the globe to see how plastic has taken over our world, having a deleterious impact that is far beyond anything imagined by screenwriters more than 50 years ago.









Director: David Regos

Country: Spain, Running Time: 14 min

This film feels funnily familiar because it takes some of the famous tropes of spaghetti westerns from a time gone by, and gives it a clever twist. What is significantly less clever is the real-world message that this doc conveys. It appears the iconic sets for these famous films have now been trashed with, well, trash. Luckily, there is an effort afoot to right this wrong and clean up the mess left behind.



Director: Maria Wilhelm

Country: USA, Zimbabwe, Running Time: 14 min

The illegal hunting and killing of elephants has been an enormous challenge for Zimbabwe. In an effort to combat this scourge, the country has established an elite troop of rangers, all of whom are women, and called Akashinga. The film, executive produced by James Cameron, shows how the women’s training is brutal and rigorous, but their commitment unwavering, motivated by a steadfast belief in their mission.



Director: Eric Bendick

Country: USA, Running Time: 16 min

This all-too-true film is the stuff of myth and legend where obsessive people have strange yet intriguing quests that take them to alluring landscapes. The people in this story are scientists and photographers.  The setting is a murky, muddy, alligator, and snake-filled swamp in a remote part of Florida, a character in itself. What consumes them is the Ghost Orchid, a rare and enigmatic flower. Their mission: to identify the pollinator - which remains unknown.



Directors: Emmanuel Vaughan-Lee, Adam Loften

Country: USA, Running Time: 10 min

Jim Enote, a traditional Zuni farmer and Director:ector of the A:shiwi A:wan Museum and Heritage Center, is working with Zuni artists to create maps that bring an indigenous voice and perspective back to the land. The goal, to counter Western notions of place and geography while challenging the arbitrary borders imposed on the Zuni world.



Director: Kevin McGloughlin

Country: USA, Running Time: 2 min

This short is a visual poem about our land told through the aerial eye of Google Earth. We are challenged through this lens to understand how both resilient and fragile this planet truly is.




Director: David Freid

Country: USA, Running Time: 16 min

Nature knows no borders we learn in this short documentary spanning all three countries in North America. We begin down south, where we meet the Ferryman of the title and other compelling local characters with a smart take on what is actually happening in this controversial landscape. A hop north reveals that what is happening south of the border is wildly similar to what's mirrored on the Canadian side, proving nature does not take sides.



Director: Charles Post

Country: USA, Running Time: 8 min

Eagles are an iconic raptor in this country but not an easy species to study. It requires long travels to remote landscapes and feats of derring-do, like rappelling into eagle’s nests. Perhaps, in part, it is those extra degrees of difficulty that drew Caitlin Davis to this challenging work, but it is, in fact, something that she actually dreamed about as a child. Once you meet Caitlin Davis in GOLDEN, it will all make sense.



Director: Kalyanee Mam

Country: USA, Running Time: 16 min

National interests can end up creating some unusual unforeseen situations. LOST WORLD tells a surprising story of how the small but financially ambitious city-state of Singapore dredges sand from under Cambodia’s mangrove forests to create an artificial “natural” landscape. Seen through the eyes of a Cambodian woman who knows how important mangroves are to ecosystems, we witness how much she and her country is losing in this unfortunate exchange.



Director: Sandra Winther

Country: USA, Running Time: 22 min

Of course, it is hard to know, but it is estimated that there will be 150 million people across the world who will become refugees because of the climate crisis and the attendant rising seas. LOWLAND KIDS looks at the first Americans who will be forced from their homes. These people reside on the Isle de Jean Charles along the Louisiana coast, including a pair of teenagers who are desperately hoping to stay on the island where their family has lived for generations.



Directors: Matthew Modine and Andrew Klein

Country: USA, Running Time: 8 min

For almost four decades, Matthew Modine has been making movies, leaving a real imprint on audiences. His own deeply thought-provoking Director:ectorial efforts are less known. With RIPPLE EFFECT, Modine, a long-time activist and environmentalist, seeks to find what famed ocean explorer Jacques Cousteau called “wavemakers,” the remarkable people making extraordinary efforts to save our seas. Modine will be in attendance in Dallas at the second screening if his shooting schedule allows it.



Director: Sierra Quitiquit

Country: USA, Running Time: 5 min

Melted imagines the future of the world if nothing is done to address the global climate crisis. The year is 2098, the ice caps have melted and all the snow is gone. The world we live in is barren, dry, dystopian and inhospitable to human life. The pursuit of adventure remains as the protagonists seeks the thrill of skiing. Budding filmmaker and professional skier, Sierra Quitiquit makes her Director:ectorial debut with this beautiful and emotionally provocative plea to protect what is dearest to her - snow, the natural world and this beautiful planet.



Director: David Freid

Country: USA, Running Time: 9 min

Longyearbyen, Norway, the world's northernmost city, creates a challenge for people who live there: you are not allowed to be buried there. The permafrost preserves bodies in its icy embrace. Of course, it is tragically melting, creating new disturbing challenges, like the recent flooding of the famous Seed Bank in Svalbard. What the smartly Director:ected film really wants to know is what zombie viruses - or people - could emerge from this arctic underground?



Director: Lindsey Hagen

Country: USA, Running Time: 14 min

Fire lookouts used to abound across the wilderness in North America, but like so much in the woods, they have become diminished. There are a variety of reasons, including less wild places and advanced technology, but there are some folks still out there looking for smoke amidst the trees. ODE TO DESOLATION introduces us to Jim Henterly, a naturalist and illustrator who continues to do this unusual yet valuable work.



Director: Dominic Gill

Country: USA, Running Time: 11 min

The Louisiana Wetlands are a national treasure that few folks really know about. Filmmakers Nadia and Dominic Gill set out into this untold region to tell us more about a low-flying, high-risk happy pilot and the curious people who inhabit this incredible place in ON A WING AND A PRAYER, a section of the overall film LAST CALL FOR THE BAYOU.



Directors: Forest Woodward, Anna Callaghan, Marie Sullivan

Country: USA, Running Time: 13 min

For many, running heals, but the runners in this film are looking to do more than to feel good - they want their moving feet to have an impact on a critical issue: the Bears Ear National Monument. Since President Obama proclaimed the monument, entities who wish to extract from the mineral-rich region have contested it. On the other side are environmental activists and indigenous people running 800 miles to protect their sacred land.



Director: James Robinson

Country: Indonesia/USA, Running Time: 7 min

This clever short doc tells the story of a young Indonesian elephant named Salma. She had fallen into a hole and was near death when a local conservation group led by a Goldman-prize winning activist banded together with some other noble folks to rescue the gentle giant. The film is both gripping and strangely fun to watch as Salma finds her way back to health.



Director: John Fiege

Country: USA, Running Time: 7 min

Aniya Wingate was 17 years old when Hurricane Harvey viciously swept into her hometown of Houston, Texas, and displaced her from her grandmother’s home. She tragically became a climate refugee, which will become an all-too-common story with millions more expected to follow this bleak path in the future. However, Wingate was determined not to let this derail her life and decided to process this extremely challenging experience through a beautifully compelling dance performance.



Director: Quinn Costello

Country: USA, Running Time: 9 min

The environmental movement has been working towards positive change for at least half a century, yet this remains hard to come by. That is why many in the movement believe that peaceful civil disobedience is the best tactic for change. Step Outside tells the story of a one-day protest walk in the Bay area in an activist effort to shut down the Wells Fargo global headquarters.



Director: Jeremy Seifert

Country: USA, Running Time: 10 min

Allies in the environmental movement can be surprising sometimes. Cue Ethiopia, where the Orthodox Churches have stepped up in the effort to save the country’s forests. The Churches are often surrounded by pockets of primary forest, their faithful making it their duty to help preserve these native landscapes struggling and clear cut from farming and grazing. It is not easy work but perhaps made easier because the church people believe they are doing God’s work.




Directors: Scott Yorko, Zach Doleac

Country: USA, Running Time: 14 min

Keeping expeditions supplied is hard work out there on the northside of Alaska’s Denali mountain. Motorized support is not permitted, and the conditions are brutal, with efforts considered to be more perilous than the world-famous Iditarod. Of course, the people who do this work are not famous, but this short doc shows just how challenging their task is and why they are the right ones to do the job.



Directors: Allison Otto, Maria Clinton

Country: USA, Running Time: 34 min

"Our love for each other is just beyond me to analyze … we're scientists, not behaviorists," says Charles O'Brien, lifelong entomologist, and dedicated husband. While he is reluctant to talk about their relationship, he is voluble about the work that he and his wife, Lois, did over their career, which has led to the collection and identification of more than a million insect species -- the world's most extensive private collection. This joyful, and yes, loving film recognizes and appreciates their pure passion for each other and the marvelous yet peculiar field of entomology while highlighting their efforts to protect the future of their invaluable insect collection in their old age.



Director: David Freid

Country: USA, New Zealand, Running Time: 17 min

This river is now legally a person, but what constitutes a river is up for debate.



Director: Andrew Michael Ellis

Country: USA, Running Time: 14 min

Horses can be healing for people and in the short documentary Wild Inside, those people are prisoners and the horses they are learning to train are wild. It’s hard and dangerous work but it gives these men purpose and a real skill that could be helpful on the outside. It also can help them process their problems through that unique bond between man and horse.



Directors: Chelsea Jolly, Whit Hassett

Country: USA, Running Time: 10 min

Conservationists used to be primarily white men - sometimes bearded, usually cranky - but today’s activists are often people of color. They are also young, passionate, and willing to put themselves in peril for their cause. Faith E. Briggs, advocate and owner of public lands, makes an impact by running 150 miles through three imperiled National Monuments. Arduous but worthwhile, her act inspires each of her fellow landowners to do more to preserve this land.




Director: Chrisann Hessing

Country: USA, Running Time: 17 min

Joshua DePerry, also known as Classic Roots, is a Toronto-based music producer and performer pioneering “PowWow techno.” Deftly navigating the two worlds that inspire his music, he puts his own spin on what it means to be urban and Indigenous.



Directors: Palmer Morse, Jamie DiNicola, Matt Mikkelsen

Country: USA, Running Time: 15 min

For some people, coming out as LGBTQ is intimidating enough, but what about queer folks that also want to get out - as in outdoors? To lead the inexperienced, Perry Cohen started a non-profit called Venture Out that works to encourage and inspire the LGBTQ community to take trips into the wilderness and see what a life-improving - if not life-saving - experience this can be.



Director: Julio Palacio

Country: USA, Running Time: 7 min

In 1970, Earth Day was a smart new idea that has since turned - fifty years later - into a global phenomenon. This short documentary shares the origin story of how this all came about by using old footage and new interviews with people who carry on the critical work of saving our planet today.



Director: Jordan Manley

Country: Canada, Running Time: 9 min

This high-energy, fast-paced short documentary follows Natalie Panek who is an actual rocket scientist who focuses on space junk. She also loves getting into the backcountry and its wide open spaces, which is perhaps why she is so committed to also making sure that we clean up those outer orbits.


Event Website:

Texoma Earth Day Festival: Free Screening of 'The Human Element' - Online (April 18-26)

Apr 18 2020 - 12:00pm to Apr 26 2020 - 9:00pm

The Texoma Earth Day Festival and Red River Unitarian Universalist Church are hosting a free screening of The Human Element, April 18-26.

Sign up here to watch the movie. You will be provided with a link to the movie and your personal password. You will be able to watch any time through April 26.

GSDFW Earth Day Celebration Online

Apr 19 2020 - 10:00am to Apr 25 2020 - 5:00pm

Check out our Earth Day coverage April 19-25.


Stories from DFW newspaper archives and North Texans as well as Denis Hayes, the founder of Earth Day, who was interviewed by Green Source DFW reporter Andrea Ridout!


Top ways you can help save the planet.


Reflections on Earth Day from Anna Clark, Amy King and Amy Martin


Share your selfies and videos with your Earth Day messages and we’ll post on our Facebook pages. Email [email protected]


Watch: The Legend of Big Bend by Montopolis

The Austin-based orchestral rock group performed a multi-media tribute to the Big Bend region at the Green Source DFW Awards last fall. The show weaves imagery, original music along with history, storytelling, poetry, humor and ecology to tell the story of the iconic landscape. Watch a complete video recording, which captures the multi-sensory experience. 1 hour, 15 minutes.


The Texas Green Report

Check out our new podcast delivering regional environmental news to a state-wide audience. 

Tarrant Regional Water District: Virtual Trash Bash - Online

Apr 22 2020 - 6:00am to Apr 25 2020 - 8:00pm
Online TX

In the spirit of Trash Bash and Earth Day, let's come together even though we are apart to support our community and the Trinity River. Beginning on Wednesday, April 22 (Earth Day) through Saturday, April 25, we encourage you to show your commitment to the Trinity River and community by participating in a series of daily activities.

We will post each activity in the morning, so check this event often. We also encourage you to come together with your community here and share your ideas and encouragements.

- Wednesday: coloring, crosswords, and crafts
- Thursday: River Stories
- Friday: Call for Artist: Kid Edition
- Saturday: Trash Bash Virtual Celebration (yes there will be giveaways!)

If you prefer to receive the activities via email, sign-up for the Virtual Trinity Trash Bash at http://eepurl.com/gVCrAn.

iNaturalist: City Nature Challenge - DFW (April 24-27)

Apr 24 2020 - 12:00am to Apr 27 2020 - 11:45pm

For the past four years, DFW has joined cities around the world to see how much nature exists within urban areas and how many naturalists seek out this nature. The results are used to show city councils, park boards and the world, people in DFW care about nature.

However, this year due to the coronavirus crisis, this will be a world-wide collaboration and not a competition. Observations should be made solo – no gatherings or bioblitzes will be happening in the DFW Metroplex.

If you feel comfortable doing so, make some iNaturalist observations close to home, in your backyard, in your home or in a nearby park. 

To participate, simply go outside, look for wild animals, plants, fungi, whatever, and make an observation of it on iNaturalist. If you're within Dallas-Fort Worth, the observations will automatically count. No extra steps needed.

City Nature Challenge links:

Global page

Texas page 

DFW page

Info: [email protected]