Jan. 16, 2015

By Mellen West 

My retail electric provider is Champion Energy. I just renewed the twelve-month green energy plan to support renewable energy.  

Champion has a new clause in the contract… a $7.95 surcharge if I use under 800 kWhs each month. I rarely use under 800 kWh but it does send the wrong message to folks who should be conserving energy. I shopped around and they all seem to do it.  

Champion (and others) also charges a variable rate based on consumption (the more you use, the lower the rate per kWh ), which also amounts to another penalty for conservation.  

With energy and other resource challenges facing the state, this practice needs to change. Dallas Water Utilities charges more if I use more water. It is time for electric companies to get with the conservation program too. 

Mellen West is a Dallas resident and member of the North Texas Renewable Energy Group.  

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