Memnosyne Institute cofounder Mary Ann Thompson-Frenk, center in red, celebrates with her husband Joshua Frenk and her mother at her side, along with friends and colleagues at the United Nations in New York City. Photos courtesy of the Memnosyne Institute.

Nov. 19, 2018

Mary Ann Thompson-Frenk, cofounder of the Memnosyne Institute, received the Women’s Entrepreneurship Day Civic Pioneer Award in a ceremony held Friday at the United Nations in New York City.

The Memnosyne Institute is the parent nonprofit organization of this publication Green Source DFW; along with Food Source DFW, a charity food-sharing network; and many other local, national and international community building projects. The Institute is organized around seven centers - Interfaith Inquiry; Indigenous Cultures; Global and Social Outreach; Spirituality; Art; Health and Medicine; and the Environment, Science and Technology.

According to Wendy Diamond, founder of Women’s Entrepreneurship Day Organization, Thompson-Frenk earned the award for her innovative work as a leader in global and cultural activism, contributions to social empowerment and a multitude of charity work. 

“You have proven to be a visionary pioneer in global collaboration and spirituality with the Memnosyne Institute and your work with other organizations leading the way in civic leadership and social entrepreneurship,” said Diamond, in a letter. “We recognize your incredible achievements and enduring ambition.”

Mary Ann Thompson-FrenkMary Ann Thompson-Frenk, left, participated in a panel during the Women’s Entrepreneurship Day Summit.

During the Women’s Entrepreneurship Day Summit, Thompson-Frenk spoke on “Social Impact Investing: Women Leading the Way Through Technology.” 

“I am sooo deeply humbled to receive this honor,” said Thompson-Frenk in a Facebook post last week. “I see in it a challenge to live up to the standards it acknowledges because if I have achieved anything worthy of note in these 41 years, it is because of all those whose shoulders I stand on, all those who walk beside me and all those who lift me up and work with me to impact the world we share. I don't expect to see all my dreams fact, I suspect I will pass away from this world before they all come to pass...but if I can build on what others have built, plant seeds for trees future generations will find shade in....if I can help to positively affect the world of generations who will never know who I was, but whose lives can be made better in some small way for it, then I will consider it a life well lived and humbly, but happily accept being called a ‘Civic Pioneer!’”

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