By Phillip Shinoda

Last Saturday at Recycle Revolution in Deep Ellum, a collection of environmentalists, friends of owners Eddie Lott and Maria Lott, customers of their recycling business and the eco-friendly Deep Ellum community spent the afternoon partaking of the "hair of the dog" cure and relaxing after the frenetic pace of Earth Day. Translation: free beer, food trucks, live music and a whole lotta happy people. Here are pictures from the day:

      Ashley Falgout                            KNON Charlie with Luke and Amy              Anni Litt

                Helvetica                                                                   Dallas Drummers

                    Thad Davis Recycle Revolution              THE GEM - Organic Juice Bar                Vince  -  Natalie     

             Jennifer's FacePainting                     Texas Campaign for the Environment             

               Dave Pennington                      Kyle, Jean and Junna                        Larry and Julia

         Eddie Lott and son           Paola, Eddie, Paola's niece and sister            Children's Room

         Re-Geared                                Green Team - Dallas Zoo              Gossima Ping-Pong Table

And this was only the day time scene. The party roared on until midnight.

Photos by Phillip Shinoda

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