Earth Day fest rocks Oak Cliff

April 14, 2014

Oak Cliff Earth Day in Dallas on Saturday had all the right ingredients – sunny skies, friendly people and dogs.  

Photos by Phillip Shinoda

                                              Ara’kan Dance Company - Pro Latin Dance Group

          Green Pet Store                    Texas Honey Bee Guild     System Change Not Climate Change

                                                           The festival drew a lively crowd.

Environmental Protection Agency         East Lake Pet Orphanage               Boy Scout Troop 2012

                                                           Mad Grill                                      Rock 'n' Rick's

        Small Planets Bikes                        Dallas Zoo - Green Team               U.S. Corps of Engineers   

  Oak Cliff Cargo Bikes                           Anti Puppy Mill Lobby                    City of Dallas Waste Diversion
Seniors Pet Assistance Network              Best Bug Bait                            Population Media Center Dallas
                  Oak Cliff Unitarian Universalist Church   John Bunker Sands Wetlands Center