Last year, Chrystya Geremesz relaunched her World Class Coffee Catering company as a green business. Photos courtesy of World Class Coffee Catering. 

Oct. 12 2016

As more people become environmentally conscious, they’re wanting to reduce their environmental footprint not just at home but at work too. That’s why Chrystya Geremesz, a Denton County resident, recently turned her coffee catering company into a green business.

In the early 1990s, Geremesz was working as a marketing director for a coffee roaster based in North Texas. As a single mother, she was in need of extra income. So when she saw the opportunity to fill a niche – to bring high quality coffee drinks to local events – she launched her business, World Class Coffee Catering.

“Starbucks had just come into the DFW area and many people weren’t familiar with cappuccinos or lattes. So, at the events World Class Coffee Catering was hired for, attendees were able to try coffee drinks for free. I was providing an upscale option to just regular coffee,” recalls Geremesz. 

World Class Coffee CateringOver the next eight years, you could find World Class Coffee Catering serving first-rate coffee all across the DFW area including: parties, weddings, grand openings, meetings and office building lobbies. 

However, Geremesz had to put her business on hold to care for her ailing parents. About a year ago, she decided to relaunch World Class Coffee Catering. But this time around, she had a new vision. 

“I wanted to set myself apart from anything else going on in the Metroplex. I decided to make my business green and organic. And, if I couldn’t find organic, I was determined to use as natural of a product as I could find,” said Geremesz. 

The focus on sustainability starts with the filtered water (reverse osmosis) that World Class Coffee Catering uses to brew its coffee and pull its espresso shots, which is made using Arabica coffee beans from Ruta Maya, an Austin-based roaster.

The beans are both fair-trade and organic, which is especially important because coffee beans are often heavily sprayed with pesticides. Ruta Maya also provides decaf, using the Swiss Water process, which removes caffeine without the aid of chemicals.

Other green options offered by World Class Coffee Catering include: organic milk (cow or almond), natural sweeteners (Sugar in the Raw, stevia, organic flavored syrups, honey) and freshly ground organic cinnamon and nutmeg. 

And for those who prefer tea, World Class Coffee Catering provides organic caffeinated and herbal teas from Traditional Medicinals and Numi Teas, who use biodegradable material to make their tea bags. All of these drinks are served in an eco-friendly cup, which is free of a toxic plastic lining typically found inside of paper “to-go” cups.

But using sustainable methods isn’t just a business for Geremesz, it extends into her personal life as well - she tends an organic garden, raises chickens for eggs and is an apiarist – she’s even able to offer honey at her clients’ events from her very own bees. And recently her son has joined her making World Class Coffee Catering a family business. 

“I want to consider my standard of service as being at the highest level that I can possibly produce; it’s my philosophy. I feel that offering the very best and healthiest choice is something that shows that I care about the customer and the community, which I try to give back to as often as possible. For me, it’s about giving for free as well as charging – about having a balance in life,” said Geremesz. 

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