The club now provides speakers on environmental topics for free.

Sept. 4, 2018

Looking for a speaker for your garden club or youth group? Dallas Sierra Club members want to share their expertise on ecology and the outdoors.

That’s why the local conservation group launched a new outreach speakers program to supply local schools, civic clubs, churches and nature groups with eco-friendly presentations. 

Topics focus on outdoor adventure, environmental education and general ecology. The program is open to anyone seeking environmental education within the DFW area, according to Dan Moulton, Dallas Sierra Club member and wildlife ecologist by profession.

Presentations last from 30 minutes to one hour and are free. See topics below.


Six topics are: “Exploring the Great Parks of Texas,” “Texas Nature and Environmental Centers,” “Glacier National Park,” “Sperry Chalet (Glacier NP) and Global Warming,” “Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR)” and “Wildlife of the Northwestern Hawaiian Islands.”


Eight topics are: “Introducing Environmental Science & Sustainability,” “Renewable Energy and Conservation,” “Water: A limited Resource,” “Water Pollution,” “Air Pollution,” “Solid and Hazardous Waste,” “Human Health and Environmental Toxicology” and “Global Climate Change.”


Seven topics are: “Ecosystems and Energy,” “Ecosystems and Living Organisms,” “Ecosystems and the Physical Environment,” “Major Ecosystems of the World,” “Land Resources and Use,” “Soil Resources” and “Preserving Earth’s Biological Diversity.”  

See complete description of topics here.

Presently, three expert speakers are available to talk about the listed topics. Speeches are already prepared with accompanying power point presentations.  

For more information, contact Dan Moulton, or 972-754-2506. 

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