Z Natural Life's personal care products are vegan and cruelty free.

July 2, 2018

Many greenies are conscientious about what they eat - how it's grown and where it comes from - but increasingly the eco-conscious are careful about the products they put on their bodies as well. 

Bill and Liz Ziske of Allen were both fitness buffs who have always had a passion for healthy living. A few years back, they became weary of searching for healthy cosmetics and deodorant, and it became apparent that others shared their dilemma. After much research and hard work, along with the help of an excellent Dallas chemist, they started second careers with their own healthy cosmetic company – Z Natural Life in 2015. 

Liz and Bill Ziske, Z Natural Life“We wanted to do something that is good for people,” says Bill Ziske. 

Their first product was an all natural deodorant. Over the years, they added beauty products along the way. Today, their best sellers are the revitalizing facial serum, hydrating overnight mask and body powder.  

“All of our products are certified vegan and cruelty free,” explains Ziske. “We do not work with any suppliers that do animal testing, nor do we do animal testing. We are Leaping Bunny approved, and we are vegan certified, meaning no animal products are in formulations.”    

Bill and Liz Ziske of Allen are the founders of Z Natural Life. 

Z Natural Life is eco-friendly in the way that ingredients are harvested. Recycled containers are also utilized.  

Ziske shares that when they work with ingredients, they look at several variables – Is it responsibly produced and harvested? Is it effective? Is it organic Ecocert approved? Is it certified organic? Is it natural?

Highly transparent about their ingredients, Ziske includes a detailed ingredients list with helpful explanation of their purpose on the company's website.

Although there is a possibility that Z Natural Life products will be sold in stores in the future, they are currently all sold online at ZNaturallife.com.  

“We really like our online market and feel that America is changing the way it shops. We feel that online shopping is definitely the future.”  

All products are formulated and packaged in the Dallas-Fort Worth area and ingredients are sourced worldwide.  

“We have built our company on an outsourced model,” says Ziske. 

They currently outsource a manufacturing facility, a distribution center, a marketing company,  a creative writer, a videographer and a graphic designer.     

The Ziskes say they hope Z Natural Life will continue to grow in offering healthy skin care products and in doing so, continue to help people. 


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