We've profiled numerous artists who endeavor to hone their craft and sell their wares while respecting our environment. Though we loved them all, we decided to take a look at 5 favorites who stood out in our coverage over the past year. Check Green Source every day this week for updates. Do you have an artist you'd like to add or have us profile? If so email us or leave a comment.

Some people pop open a can tab and guzzle soda pop. Others, namely Walleska Tepping and her team of Brazilian co-creators, repurpose the tab, turning it into green art that improves the quality of life for workers in a developing country.

After tabs are collected from trashes in Brazil, Tepping and her co-creators examine each one to ensure that all are uniform in size and color. Once they’ve been treated, these little tabs make their way onto an exquisite handbag or item of clothing. It's the ultimate in recycling and the final product is breathtaking – much more so than the original can each tab opened.

Green Source DFW pops a top to Walleska Eccochic for its commitment to beauty, equality and ecological responsibility. You can see aluminum become art at their site: http://www.ecochicc.com/

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Jada Brazell is a freelance writer who also consults for fashion- and art-based businesses on branding. She has written for the Odessa American and Global Fashion News, edited for the Texas Senate and RadioShack, and contributed to several magazines and newspapers in Central and South Texas.