Olinka Green shows off her Green Source DFW Award for Environmental Justice. Coutesy of Olinka Green.

April 29, 2020

The 2020 Green Source DFW Sustainable Leadership Awards were held virtually in November due to the pandemic. 

That meant the 20 winners announced during the evening didn’t receive their awards that night.

The glass trophies were delicate – some weighed up to 16 pounds. We wanted to hand deliver them.

But following the ceremony, the quarantine continued. And the winners were spread across six counties. So between Covid spikes and February’s historical freeze, deliveries by our small staff have been sporadic over the last five months.

With the help of GSDFW reporter/photographer Jim Domke and past winners Dick and Christine Guldi, we dropped off the last of the awards this month. 

We wanted to take a moment to share photos of the winners with their prizes.

2020 GSDFW Award Winners


Environmental Justice Award Winners

Marsha Jackson, who fought Shingle Mountain and won.

Olinka Green, Poor People's Campaign leader and more.


Environmental Science and Innovation Winners

Dale Crownover, owner of Texas Nameplate Company, who went from being an environmental offender to a environmental defender.

Mohammed Abdalla, founder of Good Faith Energy, who forego a lucrative career in the oil and gas industry to launch a progressive solar energy company with heart.

Deb Terrell, known in North Texas as the “Luffa Lady.”


Conservation Activist Award Winner

Brandon Belcher, preserves manager for The Nature Conservancy, and the go-to prairie advocate and expert for North Texas.


Green Project or Program Award Winner 

City of Fort Worth Residential Food Scrap Composting Pilot Program, the first of its kind in North Texas. The program’s team leader Flavia Paulino accepted the award. 


Coke Buchanan Volunteer of the Year Award Winner:

Tammie Carson, volunteer for Liveable Arlington and all around champion of local environmental causes and animal advocacy.


The Environmental Reporting Award

The Green Source DFW team: Julie Thibodeaux (my boss thoughtfully surprised me) and our illustrious and talented freelancers: Amy Martin, Andrea Ridout and son Andrew Ridout, Betsy Friauf, Jim Domke, John Kent, Marshall Hinsley, Minnie Payne, Julie Ryan, Michael Smith and Green Tip Guy Jason Winningham. Thanks, everyone, for going above and beyond to cover important issues for North Texans.


Read more about the 2020 GSDFW Award Winners.



North Texas greenies honored at virtual awards

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