Community Guidelines is a collaborative venture that is designed to promote, inform and educate the public about green living. The foundation wants to create a safe and friendly environment where the green community can share ideas and voice their opinions about the environment.

We encourage every individual in this community to feel free to speak up and get involved. But to do this, we need your help and cooperation.

So beyond using common sense and good judgment, here are a few general guidelines: 

  • Treat others, as you would like to be treated. If you disagree with something you see, there's no excuse for being abusive or just plain mean to each other on the site. In short, let’s respect each others’ right to express his or her opinion.  In short: No Trolling Allowed.
  • Keep it family friendly. Our community includes children. Please don’t post anything you would feel uncomfortable sharing with your own children. So please refrain from using profanity or anything that can be construed as hateful, racially biased or obscene.
  • Let’s be honest. There are a great number of environmentally friendly websites and bloggers these days. We trust that when you submit something to our website, it is your own content, or if you use material from someone else, please make sure you have their permission first. 
  • Don’t pollute the Internet.  We want this site to be a central hub for green living. So please, no chain letters, no inspirational saying of the day or cute kitty cats. We want to share news about environmental issues, products, activities and sustainable living. If we have to spend our time and resources filtering spam, advertisements and unwanted messages, we may have to ban you from using this website. 

For further information on the use of please go to “Terms of Use”.