Have a poblano black bean burger & wash it down with one of the 24 beers on tap. Chef John Mercer has crafted amazing dishes for Whole Foods' vegan beer dinners, and now he's going to be making us some tasty bar food!

Vegan Drinks meets every second Thursday of the month. Meet fellow vegan & veg-friendly folks for an evening of drinks, fun and a discussion of vegan goings-on in the Metroplex!

Presentation by Dr. James P. Grover, interim dean and professor of Biology at UTA. Free and open to anyone 21 and up.

Free event featuring breakout sessions, covering urban farming, fracking, honeybees, corporate sustainability, home energy efficiency and environmental legislation and more.

Field trip to DaVinci School, recycled art show, Earth Day fest and lunch.

Keynote speaker is Rev. Lennox Yearwood Jr.

Friends of Tandy Hills Natural Area Don and Debora Young will speak about Tandy Hills. 

Info: kayleetl@sbcglobal.net

Presented by Debbie Branch, Resource Recovery Planner with the city of Fort Worth Solid Waste Services Division.

Join this presentation to consider some low hanging fruit in resource recovery trends in the state of Texas and the country and find out how individuals can make a difference. 

Debbie Branch is part of the Fort Worth Sustainability Team working to forward sustainability initiatives in Fort Worth. She has 11 years in the resource recovery industry and received the 2013 Green Source DFW Sustainability Leadership Award for a non-profit professional. Debbie has written successful grant applications totaling more than $430,000 to increase recycling, including electronics, in Fort Worth and the DFW area and is currently the chair of the Texas Product Stewardship Council.

We need volunteers to come out and help us cleanup our community at newly purchased city property!

Litter is a big problem. Not only is it an unsightly mess, but it actually harms plants and wildlife!

Trash bags, drinks, gloves, safety vests and giveaways will be provided. Officers will be on location to maintain a safe environment.

There will be something for people of all ages to help with. Participants under 15 years of age will need to be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

Pants, long sleeve shirts, and CLOSED TOED shoes are strongly recommended!

Hot dog cookout after the cleanup at the site.

To pre-register, visit: www.mansfield-tx.gov
Info: Howard Redfearn (817)276-4240 or howard.redfearn@mansfield-tx.gov

April's meetup will explore spring on the prairie. We have activities planned to shed some light on our local prairie partners and their Spring treasures. In particular, we will take a look at some of the grasses and wildflowers found on our April plant walks with Jeff Quayle. 

If you are unable to attend the plant walks, this will be a chance to see what you've missed.

Meet at 9am in the larger parking lot to the south of the main parking lot and Oakmont Blvd.

We will caravan from Oakmont to Ridglea Hills Park for the second half of the walk. The prairie is an exposed, chalky outcrop that faces West Vickery Boulevard.

Noon – 1:30pm

Ridglea Hills Park (City of Fort Worth)

4985 Stonedale Road

Fort Worth, TX 76116

We will visit a sandy prairie along a riparian area with rare plant species, such as Glen Rose Yucca (Yucca necopina), Hoptree (Ptelea trifoliata) and Trout Lily (Erythronium albidum) and a limestone bluff prairie site overlooking the Clear Fork of the Trinity River, just below the Lake Benbrook dam. Notable species on the limestone bluff include Locoweed (Oxytropis lambertii), Early Flowering Gayfeather (Liatris aestivalis), Purple Paintbrush (Castilleja purpurea), Hall’s Dalea (Dalea hallii), Cutleaf Germander (Teucrium laciniatum), Edible Scurf Pea (Pediomelum hypogaeum) and Reverchon’s Scurfpea (Pediomelum reverchonii). 

Please wear long pants and sturdy shoes. Bring plenty of water, sunscreen and a hat.

Held at the Grapevine Botanical Gardens, the event features green vendors, kid’s activities, along with an alternative transportation demo with EV cars and bicycles and a Recycle Rally, where people can bring e-waste from 9am-1pm. Free.

Adam Jonas Horowitz shot his first film in the Marshall Islands in 1986, and was shocked by what he found there in this former American military colony in middle of the Pacific Ocean. Radioactive coconuts, leaking nuclear waste repositories and densely populated slums were all the direct result of 67 Cold War U.S. nuclear bomb tests that vaporized islands and devastated entire populations. Twenty years later, Horowitz returned to these islands to make this award winning shocking political and cultural documentary. Audience discussion follows. Free. Info: JudAnnWat@sbcglobal.net