Gathering of local environmental groups to exchange news. This month’s topics include:

- Denton Gas Plants? Gibbons Creek Coal Plant - Where are we now/Event at UNT on the Mar. 25

- Elections (Statewide/Local)

- TCE Fundraiser April 3

- Earth/Wind & Fire Conference Oct. 22. May carry into the 23rdd. 

Info: Rita Beving,

Cleanup: 8-11am

Beach Party: 11:30am-2:30pm

See website for details

Learn about the intersection of environmental and social struggles related to water, food and agriculture, economic justice and racial equality through first-hand stories of North Texans.

$25. Scholarships available. Info: or 214-477-7291


The Earth Day 50 Challenge campaign aims to recruit the top 50 corporations to engage in a responsible and respectful dialogue about implementing greener policies. A small change made at a big corporation, like Apple or Walmart, makes a big difference and we want these corporations to lead the charge on protecting our oceans, climate and forests. The kickoff meeting for the campaign will feature a documentary about climate change and brainstorming sessions on campaign tactics.

Info: Jake Picker,, 858-342-3667

A community festival celebrating nature, health and education. The green outdoor event is hosted at a nature preserve featuring nature walks, booths, music, kites and more.

In many parts of the world, villagers are departing from ecologically degraded rural environments for overcrowded urban centers, leaving rural ecosystems vulnerable to further exploitation and degradation. Local NGO's have addressed these conditions, with strategies that have enabled villagers to gain a sustainable income from rural ecosystems. They tell us that rural areas need to be made more productive so that rural people can remain in the forests and maintain them. This requires sustainable village development that protects eco-system services.

Presented by Melissa Walker, Environmental Education Specialist, Public Works and Transportation, City of Arlington

Pollution prevention, Flood Awareness and Water quality issues

In How to Let Go of the World and Love All The Things Climate Can't Change, Oscar nominated director Josh Fox (GASLAND) continues in his deeply personal style, investigating climate change – the greatest threat our world has ever known.

In partnership with CISD, students from New Tech High school will present an environmental proposal that will better our quality of life. Some ideas they've generated in the past have been to propose green walls, to paint the roofs on local buildings lighter colors and the creation of green spaces to reduce the urban heat island effect. Registration is not required. Free.